...I live to get radical...

Dispatches from a dusty desert outpost called Utah.

Greetings, Earthling...


Hail, fellow internet traveler (or random spam bot)! Since you have done me the kindness of driving up my web traffic, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jim. I am a simple man who enjoys the finer things in life: bad movies, tall mountains, good beer, the hottest of sauces, bitchin' tunes, vegan cuisine, board games, whiskey, scary stories, Jazz basketball, empty deserts, vinyl records, faithful friends, fine books, paranormal podcasts, historical curiosities, bizarre travel destinations, and old school wrastlin'.

Like every other human on this planet, I've also got a whole mess of opinions and beliefs (though I am trying to cut back). I believe that "why?" is ALWAYS a more important question than "how?" I believe that how you treat other people, animals, and the planet matter and reflect well on your life resume. I believe that information literacy is critical for everyone living in the information age. I believe that laws and justice only sometimes intersect. And, I believe that no matter what you believe, we are all lucky passengers on Spaceship Earth for a brief minute, and any moments wasted on not promoting singing, dancing, laughing, and loving (for everyone) is a moment wasted.

Let's see, what else? Oh, by day I am a dedicated public servant at the Utah State Archives and Records Service.  However, my most important job is husband to one amazing lady and dad to one human, two dogs, and three cats. We call Utah home. It is a bizarre, beautiful, and befuddling place.

Recently I had the thought that it might be fun to document some of my interests, experiences, thoughts, and personal photos on my very own website! This, in spite of the fact that I have never managed or operated a website up to this point in my life. Go big or go home, right? So, with that, here we are!

Your patronage is very much appreciated, and if you find something that strikes your fancy (or leaves you in a fit of blind rage) please don't hesitate to use the contact form below to get in touch. Cheers!

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